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Where i can find purchase code?

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How to use Video/Montage/Text Library in Premiere Pro?

You can use it VIA Dynamic Link method. Here is a quick video tutorial about it.

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This is an internet provide issues. You need to contact us via to solve this issue.

Purchase code doesn't work

Try one of these solutions:
Make sure that you have copied the code that relates specifically to this product
Make sure that you have copied the code completely
Try to switch off firewall or antivirus program while the code is being checked
Check in the top menu: Edit > Preferences > General, option “Allow Script to Write Files and Access Network” – must be enabled
If the problem remains unresolved, please send a message via the feedback form on the author's profile page

How can i use it on Windows(i don't have MAC)?

Our packages works fine on any system: Windows, Mac, Linux. Just watch video tutorial about installation on MAC and do similar steps on WINDOWS and it will works fine.
Video Tutorials
  • Youtube
  • Youtube
  • Youtube
  • Youtube
  • Youtube
ZXP Installer Method
For this method you need to download Free ZXP Installer.
We recommend to use this Installer -
Step 1. Open ZXP Installer
Step 2. Drag Animation Studio.zxp in your ZXP Installer
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Step 3. Open your After Effects and go to Window > Extenstions > Animation Studio
Manual Method
Step 1. Rename file extension "Animation Studio.zxp" from 'ZXP' to 'ZIP'

Step 2. Unpack resulting ZIP archive

Step 3. Copy resulting "Animation Studio" folder to the:
Windows Directory: Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
Mac Directory: Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions
Packages Installation in After Effects CC2014.2 or higher

This method works for Video Library, Text Library, Montage Library packages.
If you can not install the .panel file, check your version of After Effects: Help > About After Effects... If you are using 2014.0, then you need to update your version of After Effects, because the Adobe developers have fixed many errors related to the work of extensions. This can be done using the Adobe Creative Cloud application. For the correct operation of the extension, you need version 2014.2 or higher.
Step 1. Click on this icon to open Dashboard Window in Animation Studio
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Step 2. In Dashboard Window click Install Button
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Step 3. Select your .panel file 'Video Library.panel' 'Montage Library.panel' 'Text Library.panel'
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Step 4. Paste your purchasing code.
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Using Packages in After Effects CS6 - CC2014.0

This method works for Video Library, Text Library, Montage Library packages.
In After Effects CS6, CC2012, CC2014.1 you can use our packages manually without Extension. Don't worry it will be full technical functional.
Step 1. Open After Effects and press File > Import > File and select project file with "CS6" title
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Step 2. Select one of presets composition and drop it on timeline. Then Turn on Collapse Transformation ('SUN' icon).
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Premiere Pro Packages Installation
This method works for our Premiere Pro packages: Premiere Library
Step 1. In Premiere Pro go to Effects Panel. Then Right click on Presets Folder and press Import Presets
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Step 2. Select file Premiere Library.prfpset
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Step 3. Done!
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Download Library Packages
  • Video Library
  • Montage Library
  • Text Library
  • Premiere Library
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